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uPVC Patio Doors Leicester

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uPVC Patio Doors – The Popular Leicester Home Improvement

uPVC patio doors are one of the most popular Leicester home improvements. They offer so much style and performance and they are something that you can enjoy for many years to come. Experience increased natural light, giving you bright and airy rooms, as well as superb views that are unrivalled by other back door options.

Here at East Midland Windows, we build uPVC patio doors that are of the highest quality, and designed to provide long-term performance. Our sliding doors are tailored to your tastes and to complement your Leicester home, so that you get a feature door that completely enhances your property.

We thought that as these double glazed doors are so sought after, we would introduce them to you in our latest blog. Read on to discover the benefits and features of uPVC patio doors from East Midlands Windows and how they could be your ideal Leicester home improvement.

uPVC patio doors leicester

uPVC Patio Doors – A Secure Entrance to Your Home

Traditionally, patio doors were thought to be a weak point in home security, with their extensive panels of glass and easy to open locks, however, all that has changed.

Modern uPVC patio doors are designed to provide your Leicester home with the most incredible levels of protection. Every patio door is crafted by experts to incorporate the very latest security technology.

They have a reinforced profile to maximise the strength and sturdiness they offer. We then install the very latest high-security locking mechanisms as standard, to ensure that your new uPVC patio door will protect you and your family from even the most determined potential intruders.

With a uPVC patio door from East Midlands Windows, you can expect an outstanding level of security for your Leicester home.

Impressively Energy Efficient Sliding Doors

OLur uPVC patio doors are constructed using an impressive multi-chambered profile which creates a thermal barrier to keep your home protected against the intrusion of cold air and to minimise heat loss.

This combined with the vast panes of superior double glazing ensure that these patio doors are highly energy efficient and more than capable of meeting the thermal performance standards set by Building Regulations.

Your Leicester home will be warm and cosy on even the coldest of days, and in addition to that you could even benefit from lower energy bills! When we install your uPVC patio doors, you will feel the benefit almost immediately, however the thermal performance really appears when your heating costs come in. The clever construction ensures that your heating is retained within your property, meaning you use less of it, and so your bills are reduced.

Just one of the countless benefits of uPVC patio doors for your Leicester home.

uPVC patio doors leicester

uPVC Patio Doors Styled to Suit You

Whatever space you have in your Leicester home, we can create a stunning uPVC patio door to fit that will add style and charm to your property’s appearance.

Our uPVC patio doors come in a range of leaf options and sizes, enabling you to select the perfect match for your home from either two, three or four leafs.

You can then create a tailored look by choosing from our range of tasteful colour finishes, enabling you to blend your new double glazing in with your existing windows and doors, or create a feature that contrasts the other aspects of your property.

Long Term Performance, Minimal Maintenance

Our uPVC patio doors are fitted with high-quality stainless steel tracks that are designed to last year after year with minimal maintenance.

To keep your new sliding doors operating as smoothly and efficiently as they did on the day they were installed, all you will ever need to do, is keep them clean.

It really is as simple as that to ensure your new uPVC patio doors are a long-lasting home improvement that performs at optimum levels for many years to come.

There will never be any need for repainting or varnishing either, as the finish we use to create your dream uPVC patio doors can withstand any British weather conditions and will never fade, blister or peel.

uPVC patio doors leicester

uPVC Patio Door Prices Leicester

We are happy to help you with your Leicester home improvements, and our team are experts on all the details you need on our uPVC patio doors, so please do get in touch. We can assist you in finding the perfect combination of options for your new uPVC patio doors as well as provide you with a tailored quote.

If you prefer, we also have an online door designer, where you can choose from the options on offer and create your ideal uPVC patio doors with ease. You will be given a guide price based on your specifications and there’s no obligation attached.

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